The Other half

Sometime we are strangers

To ourselves

We can’t explain the guilt

We feel

The guilt of looking friends and family

In the face

Afraid to see

The innocence in their eyes

Eyes that reveal

The owner’s oblivion

Of how we really feel about them.

We avoid their eyes

For we fear they would melt the cold wall

We have raised up

Against them.

By accident

We catch a glimpse of their eyes, Our hearts melt

The frost trickles down from our eyes

To our cheeks

We can’t believe

We are pining for eyes

We once couldn’t stand.

How do we love and hate at the same time?

How do we forgive?

Then punish ourselves for forgiving

Who are you? Who am I?

Are we Dr jekyll and Mr hyde?

Muse: @olanma_agwu

4 thoughts on “The Other half

  1. I have too many other halves to count, Gemini by sun sign and Pisces by moon sign, I can love hate, appreciate and condemn the same person all in the same moment…and the guilt stays with me deep within.

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