Shortcut Home

I remember the day a dog bit me. The dog left a surface bite wound on my left thigh. I was in pain, but the guilt I felt at the same time superseded all the pains.

I thought the attack was the universe teaching me a lesson for disobeying my parents. Naturally, I was an obedient child but on that day I broke the golden rule. The golden rule in my home was “come straight home after school or private lessons“. My parents detested lies and sneakiness.

On the day of the bite, my best friend at the time had invited me over to her home. We had just finished a private academic lesson, organized by our primary school class teacher in her home. My friend thought it would be cool if I could stopover her place on my way home for a quick visit.

I lost track of time while I was visiting with my friend. We were entertaining each other with stories as we enjoyed juicy- fleshy mangoes. As time was getting on, “you should be home right now”, my conscience whispered to me. I cut my visit short and left immediately. I was having a good time and would have loved to stay longer.

Her home was roughly a 10-minute walk from mine if I took the main road. However, I decided to take the bush path, a shortcut, to make up for lost time. As I walked home, I tried to make up a story to explain my tardiness. None of the stories I cooked up in my head was believable. I was a terrible liar. My parents always knew when I was fibbing.

So, I was so fixated on making up a good lie that I completely disregarded the danger ahead. Two dirty stray dogs were lounging on the bush path. Their furs were matted with brown soil. It was hard to tell their original color. I was approaching the dogs without caring for my safety. I was a dog lover, an owner of a crossbreed Alsatian.

The movies I had seen made me believe that dogs could sense positive or negative energy. I had nothing but love for dogs. So I thought I was safe around any dog. Boy, was I wrong?

The dogs attacked me when I came within their reach. Luckily a passerby on a motorcycle heard me screaming and came to my rescue. As she rode towards me, the dogs ran backward.

I lay on the hard red soil, crying and at the same time trying to pull my dress down. The stranger picked me up, put me on her motorbike and started riding out of the path.

As we rode, I looked back. The dogs were chasing the bike. With a furious look on their faces like they had just lost a bone.

Karma!, the word kept ringing in my head. The universe was already punishing me, I thought.

When I eventually got home, my parents were not there. What a relief! The Housekeeper was home alone. She was too engrossed with herself and didn’t look up when I walked in. I quickly went into the bathroom, washed the bite wound with water and soap. I diluted some antiseptic liquid in warm water and began cleaning the injury on my thigh.

I froze as a thought came to mind, “have I been exposed to rabies?” I had heard a lot of stories about children who got the rabies virus and lost their lives to it. My nine-year-old body was trembling with fear. I was too afraid to tell my parents what had happened to me. “Keep it to yourself, the truth will attract more punishment”, I thought aloud.

I resorted to prayers. I asked God for forgiveness and promised not to break any more rules.

Thinking about this experience now , I am grateful that the dog did not infect me with rabies. The Rabies virus could be fatal if not treated immediately. I would not be here today.

36 thoughts on “Shortcut Home

    1. Lol, that’s all I can share for now.
      You said! It was a frightening experience, I learnt the hard way. It happened more than 20 years ago but the details are still fresh in my mind. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice one, lessons learnt in a hard way. We all have broken the golden rule in one way or the other, but suffers the consequences…. Kudos dear.

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  2. Lesson learnt, but in a hard way😊. That’s one of the reasons I avoid flogging the kids as much possible I can, whenever the say the truth,. They know once the lie, the cane will be their friend at that moment😂😂. Waiting for the next episode😘😘😘

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  3. Lesson learnt, but in a hard way😊. That’s one of the reasons I avoid flogging the kids as much possible I can, whenever the say the truth,. They know once the lie, the cane will be their friend at that moment😂😂. Waiting for the next episode😘😘😘


  4. Very relatable😄. I’ve had my fair share of unseen scars that were born out of breaking rules. Sometimes negative experiences ultimately become the best form of instilling discipline in us.

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  5. Hmmmmmm!!!!!.I had my suspicions, but because you were not a disobedient child, (so I thought), I never confronted you. I view with consternation your keeping something as horrifying as a dog bite from us. I have thought hard, but cannot remember you behaving awkwardly which may have given you away. Nevertheless, I am grateful to those mongrels for whipping you back in line. So now we know that even if your parents’ eyes are not watching your every move, some other eyes are watching. In your case, the mongrels were watching.

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    1. 😊 Grandma international, the mongrels taught me a lesson I never forgot. 😊 Honestly, I was a very obedient child and the only day I decided to rebel…. Them dogs sure whopped me back in line. I’m sorry for not telling you and dad. I thought you both would’ve been totally disappointed in my actions. 😬 Plus the whopping I would have gotten. 😂

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      1. so sorry my darling. Those dogs deserve to be flogged for messing with you.

        it’s so hard to believe yiu ever broke a rule, my ever graceful sister. That bestie of yours must have been something else to have gotten you to cross the lines.

        We are proud of you and your story telling skills, pls keep us entertained. Next article plsssss

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      2. 😄 the dogs taught me a lesson
        I never forgot. I didn’t visit bestie for a long time. I didn’t even tell her about the bite. I was too embarrassed to. 😏 Thanks for sharing. More stories coming your way.

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  6. Hmmmmmm

    And we undermined your strength all these years. It’s a brave story. Thanks to God that the dogs were not some dangerous 😈 ekuke.

    I could have met a humble and gentle classmate.

    Great story, Ms Awa.

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  7. Awwwwwww…those dogs must be quite hungry and their hunger grew on sighting a fresh baby girl. Lol

    Beautifully laced story. You go girl…

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  8. What a horrific experience, NDA. Still so vivid couple of decades after! So sorry you experienced that, but please never keep sharing such away from your parents. Thank goodness the dog’s bite wasn’t poisonous. May it never happen again though.
    Did the experience leave you scared of dogs or certain type of dogs?
    Looking back, what would you say now: was it a coincidence or God-incidence?
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hello ThinkTall, I became scared of all types of dogs. I never let my guards down around them, no matter the size. Looking back now, I think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, a mere coincidence. I was just lucky the dog wasn’t infectious.

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      1. Thanks NDA. I presumed that it was a mere coincidence, but rather divine that “rescue” came at the right time. Thanks again for sharing. ✌🏽


  9. What a horrific experience!! I’m glad the motorcycle man came along, an angel on an assignment you might say. Again, I’m glad you didn’t get rabies. I love dogs but highly scared of meeting them anywhere unaccompanied. Once I spot them from afar, I’d change direction, if possible. It feels like meeting a lion.

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