It’s never too late πŸ•— to switch to any career

Meet Jane (not their real name). She switched to Tech after less than 5 years of working as an Architect. Now, she’s a Software Engineer and I call her my tech buddy. 🧩

I met her on my way to a conference organized for women in Tech – the WETECH conference.
We sat side by side on the shuttle that conveyed us to the venue of the conference. It was an hour’s journey, so we had ample time to talk and got to know each other better.

Annual Women in Tech (wetech) Conference, August 2022. Lagos, Nigeria

In the cause of our discussion, Jane wished she had transitioned to tech earlier than she did. She thought swapping one career for another and becoming successful in the new choice was easier when one is younger.

I laughed a little because by looking at her face I knew I was older than her. Yes, there’s 10 years between us. πŸ˜‰

Just like Jane, I’m also new in the Tech sphere. I moved from creating content for a Tourism & Cultural Company to doing the same for a Fintech. I made the switch 10 years later than Jane, drawing inferences from our age difference but I’m proud of my decisions.

In Fintech, we are providing solutions to the many challenges Africans experience in making intra-Africa and international payments/ remittances.

At the Nigerian Fintech Forum. August 2022.

At the end of our conversations, Jane felt more confident in her decision and squashed all misgivings about her age and fear of not succeeding as a Software Engineer because of it.

That’s the end of my gist. I hope, I’ve inspired someone today.😊

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