Greasy Sinks

A clogged Kitchen sink drains slowly. If you are patient to let it drain, you will notice that as the water drains, it leaves a ring of greasy-debris behind. And as it further drains, the ring turns into a curtain of greasy-debris.

The good news is that you can get rid of the mess with a sponge and dishwashing liquid, as you already know.

Regrets are like greasy-debris stuck in a sink. As long as you interact with people, deal with them or confide in them, you’ll always have regrets.

There’s a latent innate trait in humans to mostly see and magnify the weaknesses and mistakes of others. At times, we see ourselves as the victim even when we are the Oppressor.

A kitchen sink doesn’t get greasy or clogged by itself, but by what the user puts in it. As much as you feel hurt or betrayed by those you have opened your hearts to, remember that it is your heart and your health that you are clogging up with greasy debris.

Let go of the hurt and regrets. Live and let live.

20 thoughts on “Greasy Sinks

  1. Well said, Ngozi! In regrets we have this strong desire to undo what was done, you know, like wishing a broken egg didn’t break in the first place. How unthinkable! …easier to pick the lessons and leave the slips behind. Hope youre doing well, sis!

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    1. Hi Shaily, how are you doing? I’m just seeing your message today. I have not been on the site for a while. 😀 Congratulations on your first publication, I can’t wait to read it!

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  2. Just saw Ngozi, and decided to come over here to greet my sister 😍..
    Am Chiemerie ❤️

    The definition of life is just to overlook certain things because it will surely affect our health or psycho.

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      1. Am glad to meet you too❤️
        Am working hard to be a full time blogger.
        Still trying to build with free plan till when there is money to upgrade.


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