Thanksgiving: twenty-twenty💞

We danced into 2020 with Zest and the giddy excitement of a toddler running to the door to welcome a loved one. Our excitement slowly, and then quickly turned into uncertainty. A deadly unwanted visitor had snuck into the new year with us. Its presence inspired fear. it was invisible to our peeled eyes.

The little sneaker could travel the width and depth of any region without detection. Loss, pain, tears, and illness were tale-tell signs of its arrival. On arrival, it touched anyone on its path with sheer wanton destruction. Destroying lives, lifestyles, and livelihoods heartlessly.

Why do we have to celebrate Thanksgiving this year in the midst of it all?

We will celebrate because we have smiled or laughed a little this year. It doesn’t matter what the source of amusement was so long as it made you laugh a burst of hearty laughter 😄or made your lips part in a warm smile😊.

Happy Thanksgiving dear reader. You are highly appreciated for visiting my blog and reading me. May you always have something to be thankful for. Remain optimistic, we shall beat Covid 19, Yellow Fever, and all the pathogens that sit snugly in our worlds ❤.

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: twenty-twenty💞

  1. It’s in this year that I discovered how resilient, by God’s grace, people can be. Upon all the difficulties and loss, we still can find a reason to smile. I’m thankful for life, for survival and for the joy that pop up every day, to cheer me up. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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    1. Happy New Year Florence. Reading your comment again this morning opened my eyes to how God has blessed us with the skills and thick skin to survive.

      No IOS developed by Apple and the likes can match our innate survival skills. 😊


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