Not Enough: end police brutality in Nigeria

Our voices have made a difference; I’m proud of what we have achieved. Our #EndSARS campaign was not in vain. We spoke, and they heard us.
Disbanding SARS (Special Anti-robbery Squad) is not enough. Removing rotting tomatoes from a basket and redistributing them into baskets of fresh tomatoes will not magically halt or revert the deteriorating state of their rot. The rot will spread and corrupt the fruits in all the baskets.

That said, the members of the scrapped unit should undergo rehabilitation before redeployment into other Units within the police force. They should go through a total overhauling of their understanding of fundamental human rights and why they have to respect these rights.

It is common knowledge that some police officers and other security operatives have lost their lives in saving and protecting us from criminals and terrorists. It is rather unfortunate that the value of the sacrifices they have made for us was decimated by their colleagues and other security operatives when they turned against us, innocent citizens, and residents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They forgot that every suspect is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

Disbanding SARS is not enough. Though it’s a step to ending police brutality, the brute force with which the police have handled protesters in Lagos, Abuja, Osun, and other states of the country reeks of cruelty. Shooting at unarmed protesters with life bullets shows that the government still hasn’t read our memo: #StopPoliceBrutalityNow

16 thoughts on “Not Enough: end police brutality in Nigeria

  1. Rotten eggs everywhere that have lingered too long and polluted every fruit basket there ever was in the country, Nigeria. There’s corruption everywhere in the world; the difference is in its magnitude and governmental/legislative accountability! Nigeria has no accountability system in place. Or maybe the accountability is just not reckoned with … slack or ineffective for whatever reason. Whatever the case maybe, it is great to hear that the illegitimate SARS has been disbanded; it should never have been in the first place. Maybe this is a starting point for a new norm in the country. Thanks for sharing. May the souls lost cry out for change in the country! May God console the families.

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    1. I wish so too. It seems police brutality knows no bounds. Can our governments hear our voices already? From one continent to the next, we hear the same sad stories of police brutality.


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