A mini holiday

There is something about a breezy evening that opens up your heart. The gentle wind here holds you in its cool embrace and lends a spongy-shoulder to absorb your troubles. It nudges you to rein in doubts and regrets

Every day is a breezy one here. A vacation destination is incomplete without a touch of nature if you ask me. Thankfully mine is home to nature. Sadly, it is a private residence, so I won’t be sharing pictures.

To get a glimpse of the scenery here: imagine yourself seating on the front porch with a loved one, enjoying a game of cards, getting a kick out of the tender touch of the morning breeze, and lukewarm Sun.

Then you get into a playful tug of war with the wind. Trying to stop it from blowing a pile of played cards off the table. You look up and see red and yellow hibiscus flowers waving shyly at you as you take an additional card from the draw pile. Do you get my drift? Ok, back to my story.

Every morning I wake up to the harmonious chirps of tiny birds, a choir of brown and orange feathers, serenading me into the morning.

DD is not left out of the fun. The bigger birds give her a show during the day. She was animated the first time she saw 3 white birds in a synchronized flight. She raised her hands to the skies and tried to mimic their wing flapping motion. I was thrilled, I have never seen her do that.

That is one thing we have in common, we find nature entertaining. When she is not enjoying the company of her dotting young hosts, she would be seen ‘petting’ the sunflowers in the flower bed.

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