Warm lavender

If wishes were horses, I would have the power to read and control tiny minds. There will be no sprinting to the kitchen to stop minime from fiddling with the gas cooker knobs.

Veggies will be eaten wholeheartedly by the clan, there will be no need for theatrics – that is, me hopelessly trying to act out: “veggies make you strong”! Momma’s acting skills will be put to rest at last. Not like she was any good at it.

Our comfy living room is the most hit by the kids. They leave toys laying around dangerously, waiting for unsuspecting humans to trip over them. But with my mind control thingy, they’ll be conditioned to keep the place clean and safe.

But, hey, Momma has no magic in her. So, she will calm her nerves by indulging in a warm bath and enjoy the caressing feeling of warm lavender bubbles.

Hurry Momma, run yourself a bath before they wake-up.

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