A Writing Challenge: Opposites


This challenge was created by Maggie of https://fromcavewalls.wordpress.com

It is a photo prompt challenge. The writer creates 2 different stories based on an emotion or a situation the picture evokes.

Mine explores 2 different feelings.


My 2,500USD is gone with the wind. This confidence trickster is bereft of conscience. Is it a crime to be adventurous in the business world? This is yet another miscalculated risk.


I became a laughing stock the day I brought you home from the hospital. I lost my self-esteem, became a shadow of my boisterous self. Side comments from careless friends: “his name is lost forever”, tormented me. I picked myself up regardless and swore to make the future bright.

You were the 5th addition to the pride. My 5th and last daughter.

Today, my naysayers hide their faces in shame. You all have brought me honour and peace of mind. My name will remain forever engraved in the corridors of power. It’s enough to make a man cry.

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