Dad is a good dancer. He could dance graciously to any beats. One of his favorite moves is the twist, shoulder dance he does. A combination of Afro and Western dance steps. I am not much of a dancer, myself. My sisters double over in mischievous laughter when I dance for them at home. I’m more of a great entertainer.

Daddy and I love photography. We both enjoy taking pictures of places, people and things. Dad didn’t need a ceremony or celebration to unbutton the cover of his camera and take lively pictures. Thanks to him there are pictures to remember my childhood by. The good old days, as we fondly call it.

I remember a picture of me getting my hair weaved under the big Almond tree in my childhood backyard. I never enjoyed my hair making sessions. As a child, my hair was tough and difficult to manipulate. I am reliving this experience through my 2.5- year- old. Great effort goes into dressing her hair.

Just like Dad, I too got myself a camera. An 18.1 Megapixel semi-pro camera. With it, I captured beautiful memories. Like my bridal shower, Grad school graduation ceremony, little sister’s matriculation ceremony, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, and a lot more.

Dad is a master storyteller. He never missed a chance to tell my siblings and I fables. Stories with morals at the end. His Sing- along stories warmed our little hearts. Little did he know he was grooming a future award-winning Storyteller (hahaha).

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Dads

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