Coffee Beans

He woke up to the smell of coffee
The tingling aroma gliding into his nostrils
Travelling to the head
Touching the depth of his soul
Spreading strength across his body
Placating tired nerves
With each drawn breathe, bad energy fled his core
Evaporating through the pores of the skin.

Coffee beans lying robustly in a ceramic tiny bowl
Sitting on their bedside table
Placed there by him, as a constant reminder of the Ups and Downs of living.

Wake up and smell the coffee!
Her response to his frustrations and shortcomings
Her words, acidic as green coffee beans, from the fields of Mambilla
Her green beans implanted and sprouted in his head
A mouse, he is akin to
Thinking of himself, smaller than a granule
Her voice lives in his head, get rid of it, he must.

Her sarcasm, he uses in his favour
“Guess what Barista? I woke up, smelt the coffee, and I liked it!”
He felt brand new, reborn
Like the Phoenix, ready to soar again
His confidence surged, limitless like coffee granules in Café Barista.

“I smelt the coffee, hope inhaled, fear escaped!”

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