Place of Rest

The room seemed to be endless
A long stretch
A wide width, without walls.

In the center of the room, animals were seated, waiting expectantly. Facing the empty podium. Except for a puppy, who was curled up in a corner whimpering and shivering. Mama kangaroo hopped up to it, to pacify it.
A conversation ensues.

Mama Kangaroo: why are you crying, little one?

I miss my friend, Emy. We were playing go fetch in the garden. When a thick smokey monster surrounded us completely. We coughed so hard, fell to the floor and slept off.

Mama Kangaroo: oh poor baby (She bends down and picks puppy up. Cuddles and rocks puppy in her arms).

Puppy: I’m so lonely. Where am I, will Emy come here?

Mama Kangaroo: No baby, Emy is resting
where humans do.

Puppy: I am scared. I don’t want to be alone.

Mama Kangaroo: It’s okay baby. I’ll be your Mama. You will not be alone.

Puppy: (still in Mama’s arm) how did you get here, Mama?

Mama Kangaroo: l was grazing on our Island with my little one. Suddenly, a huge, hot yellow light appeared from nowhere and chased us. We ran for dear life, but the light followed us with the speed of a cheater.

Puppy: Sorry Mama. Where is your baby, I don’t see him?.

Mama Kangaroo: He is at the home for sick animals. He didn’t make it to this place.

Puppy: (Curiously) But Mama, why are we here? Where do the smokey monster and hot yellow light come from? Why did they bring us here?

Mama Kangaroo: I don’t know dear. Though, I overheard the Hyena and Elephant over there chat on how they got here.

Puppy: How Mama! How?

Mama Kangaroo: well, something about forests without trees, A climate that keeps changing, farms that keep shifting. (puzzled by the words)

Puppy: (jokingly) Mama, were you eavesdropping?

Mama Kangaroo: (Amused) No baby, those two were just loud.

An elderly Koala appears and mounts the podium. The room grew silent. You could hear a pin drop.

Koala: (happily) Welcome to your place of rest. Now, you are at rest. Rest in peace.

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