Hey New Mum!, Do You Dread Immunization?

This one is for new mums. It was originally written 2 years ago.

On that cool morning, my brave little princess got her Measles 1 and Yellow fever immunization. The little human received one shot of each on her arms. She wailed as any baby would.

A new mum would tell you how an uncomfortable experience it is hearing her baby cry uncontrollably.

I have always dreaded immunization days, not because Dear Daughter (DD) cried inconsolably afterward. No, I found the side effects scary. Naturally, I’m a worrywart. My friends and family say I can worry about the whole world…haha. So when DD had a fever, my emotions ran wild.

On that fateful day, l was pleasantly surprised that she had no side-effects from the Measles 1 and Yellow fever jabs

I didn’t know who to give the credit, DD or the 2.5mls of Nurofen(a brand of ibuprofen for children). I always gave her analgesics after or before her shots. As instructed by the nurse. I didn’t do anything differently in this round of immunization. Why didn’t she get feverish after the shots? I ponder.

Are you a new mum and a worrywart like me? You are in luck, !

I have made a list of tips that helped me handle DD’s immunization fever. These tips are a collection of advice from medical experts and oldies of the motherhood club. There are my opinions, you may accept them with a pinch of salt.

  • Ask nurses at the health centre or hospital when you can give the first dose of Analgesic.
  • Feed baby well before immunization. His or her system needs the energy to handle the pathogen (are you confused ❓ ask google🙂)
  • Monitor baby’s temperature often.
  • If you are in the tropics you may want to take baby’s socks off. Cloth baby lightly if the body is warm
  • Invest in a good thermometer. I use the Accu-chek brand. Check baby’s temperature, if the body is warmer than usual.
  • Give baby water intermittently. Water helps bring down a fever.
    Try a cold compress if fever is not coming down after giving analgesics.
  • Water used for the cold compress should be at room temperature.
  • Always trust your instincts. If you notice baby’s fever is not coming down, or if the baby is none responsive, pick him or her up and move straight to the hospital. I wish you all the best💕

Photo provided by Prexel

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