Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows have become a companion in our journey on earth.

When we are having that nerve wracking conversation that leaves us sweaty in an air-conditioned room, we cuddle you. We place you on our lap: caressing and outlining your designs with our shaky fingers. In a bit to dissipate nervousness.

To our mothers, you are an instrument of correcting misdemeanors . To correct our foolishness, they hurl you at us, or flog us with you, if we are within reach.

You give us additional comfort when we spend hours watching seasonal movie series. We rest our backs on you, against a chair.

The pregnant ones owe you ‘an appreciation shower’ for supporting their bumps while they lay in bed. You help them sleep peacefully.

The fashionistas adore you for the magic you create. You bring together and tie in colours within their rooms. Colours in curtains, walls, chairs and area rugs. You create harmony in a multicoloured room.

Thanks to you, gifting could be classy and affordable at the same time. A customized throw pillow would warm any heart. Be it a smiley emoji😄, sweet words🍯 or a customization done with the recipient’s image👨🏿.

What do Throw pillows mean to you?

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