At the beginning of the new year, we came before you.

On bended knees, we dropped our dreams and aspirations for the year at your feet.

Though the year began with alot of uncertainties, our hopes for a good harvest were not crushed.

Now the harvest is here, our baskets over flow.

We prayed and worked towards getting a bumper harvest this year, and we got it!

Our blessings are uncountable.

Even the oceans could not contain them. We are as excited as the plumpy men, who rejoice over a good crop harvest.

We are grateful, for we did not plant, toil and nuture in vain. The harvest has been bountiful!

Today, as we celebrate, we look forward to the future.
The harvest is not the end of the growing season, but the continuation of our riches and glory.

Happy Thanksgiving ๐ŸŒผ

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    1. This is so heart warming Ngy. The name, the content, the diction and style is nothing less than I expected of you…CLASSY.
      Great job DOSHELLES! This is the beginning of an amazing journey and I’m here seatbelt fastened! Pls take me away….

      Liked by 1 person

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