I can’t sleep

I stayed awake all night, flipping through the eBook. Page by page. Each page told my story. Each chapter written by me.

My Hopes, My regrets, My thoughts, My experiences, you stole them all and passed them off as your own.

You stole my book, my brainchild.

I confronted you. Side by side, I placed before your crooked mind: Our Friendship or the Book?

“To hell with friendship!”, you screamed.
“It is not the pass code to El Dorado”, you mocked💔

Now you have won the Orange prize for Literature, you say
let bygones be bygones, It wasn’t you, it was the devil.

Be gone! Hades!
I want none of you
I healed even before guilt bit you in the butt
I feel love
In every flutter in my heart, In every tingling in my toes
In every goose pimple on my arm
I am healed💖

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