The Lonesome Bird

The lonesome bird, high up in the sky, flew tiredly without a nesting place.

Its wings are worn-out. The bird is tired. Come rain, come shine. There is no nesting place in sight.

“Why don’t they understand me, why don’t they like me? Today I find love, tomorrow it turns to despair “the lonesome bird grieves.

Green with envy, the lonesome bird circles the Neem tree. Stealthily trying to learn how a tree as plain as a cracker could find favour in the eyes of men.

“Neem has always been the apple of man’s eyes
Loved exceedingly by Flora and Funa
How can one creature, be loved so flawlessly?” the lonesome bird thought aloud.

šŸŒ³šŸŒ³šŸŒ³ šŸŒ³šŸŒ³šŸŒ³ šŸŒ³šŸŒ³šŸŒ³

Then comes a reply from the Neem tree:

“The universe craves originality, be original, express yourself, if they don’t you, how would they like you?

“Do you, lonesome bird, desire what you don’t know? Let’s be honest to ourselves”.

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