Bird Watchers

At 25, it is believed that you have lived a quarter of your life span. You are a quarter centurion, well done!

If you are a man, congratulations!, your life just started. If you are a woman, brace yourself, you just inherited a ton of “bird watchers”. πŸ˜•

A bird you have become.

Figuratively, you have become a bird. To be watched by everyone and anyone. Questions would start pouring in. Questions without boundaries. Questions on love, sex, and marriage.

You are African, you can’t escape
the intrusion of others into your life.
You can ignore it or fan the embers.
A child belongs to the community they say, and the community loves πŸ’“you.

In as much as these intrusions are born out of love.
One may have to grow a thick skin,
to appreciate this communal “show of love”.

No matter what comes your way, always rememeber to be yourself.

21 thoughts on “Bird Watchers

  1. A concise description of bird watchers that connotes deeper reflections of our culture as Africans. Keep writing please, you are of the old bloc.

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  2. In Africa, It is believed that a child belongs to the community. The community keeps watch on the child ( especially the girl-child) to ensure that as the biological clock ticks, the girl-child steps into specific roles. This “bird watching” role is all important and not changing any time sooner. Ngozi, thank you for the advice to the African girl-child to always be herself in all these.

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